COVIDSafe Business

We are slowly moving forward to a COVID normal world and as part of COVIDSafe Business reopening, a number of protocols are required to implemented and adhered to.  Failure to comply can result in large fines (myself as the business and you as the client on the premises) or being forced to close.

As COVID has shown to remain living on surfaces for extended periods of time, this clinic is attempting to become as touchless as possible.

Effective immediately, all persons entering the clinic premises for a consultation and treatment are required to complete and / or adhere to the following:

  • COVIDSafe Business Plan – all business are required to compile a step by step Plan in the event that a suspected case or a confirmed case has been declared inside the clinic premises – this Plan details who is required to be contacted and what is required to be performed to make the clinic premises safe for all persons – hard copy can be produced if you wish to have a read
  • ‘density quotient’ this refers to the amount of persons that are permitted at any one time within the clinic premises – this applies to the building as a whole not per business trading out of the building
  • effective 16 March 2020 and until further notice, this clinic is to adhere to and abide by Social Distancing Restrictions and Physical Contact Requirements as defined by the Victorian Government
  • effective 16 March 2020 and until further notice, this clinic is to adhere to and abide by Hygiene Protocols – hand sanitiser is available for all persons to use at their discretion whilst inside the clinic premises and in the treatment room
  • effective 23 July 2020 and until further notice, it became mandatory for all Melbourne Metro persons to wear a face mask – unless you have a written exemption, if you are not wearing a face mask or refuse to wear a face mask, you will be denied access to the clinic premises (bandanas / scarfs / clothing are not acceptable face coverings permitted in the clinic premises) (this is applied without discrimination)

Consultations & treatments:

  • effective 28 October 2020 and until further notice, all attendance for consultations and treatments is by ‘booked appointment’ only – effective immediately no walk-ins are permitted
  • consultations and treatments – we have been permitted to reopen for routine care so our treatments are 60mins, 45mins, 30mins – when booking appointments online, if you feel your signs and symptoms require less contact time, we ask that you book in for the time you feel is required – this is in compliance with the Physical Contact requirements
  • effective 28 October 2020 and until further notice, each client is required to complete and submit online, a pre-treatment screening form prior to their attendance at the clinic premises for their booked appointment – the link to this form is attached to the appointment reminder email and is to be submitted by 4pm the same day – if this form is not received nor is it fully completed, I regret to advise your appointment will not proceed
  • effective 28 October 2020 and until further notice, if you are attending for your booked appointment, you are required to register your details using the QR code placed at the entrances to the clinic premises – to use the QR code, access the camera on your phone and hold it up to the code, once it registers a prompt will appear and upon clicking the prompt, you are required to enter your first name, surname and contact phone number
  • effective 28 October 2020 and until further notice, masks are required to be worn at all times whilst in the treatment room – it is recommended to wear a disposable surgical mask as whilst lying prone (face down) on the treatment table, it may / can feel your breathing being restricted – if you choose, you can purchase a disposable surgical mask for the cost of $1 which will be added to the cost of your treatment
  • effective 28 October 2020 and until further notice, when attending for your booked appointment, only the person who is to be treated is allowed access to the premises – this is in compliance with the density quotient requirements set for the building
  • effective 28 October 2020 and until further notice, upon entering the premises, you are requested that you sanitise your hands – hand sanitiser is located in the waiting room, treatment room and bathroom – this is in compliance with hygiene protocols
  • SAME DAY CANCELLATIONS – until further notice, all cancellations on the day of your booked appointment will incur the ‘No Show Policy’ fee which is 100% of the fee of the booked appointment – this is due to the pre-treatment health screening that is to be conducted, we are unable to take walk-ins or book appointments for that day (this is applied without discrimination but is for the safety of myself and other clients entering the premises)
  • NO CASH PAYMENTS are being taken at this time – we use HICAPS which also has a tap EFTPOS facility – working towards a touchless premises
  • WAITING AREA – as with any enclosed space, the requirement is to reduce the amount of time inside the clinic premises – the waiting area chairs have been removed so that we know how many persons are in the clinic premises at any one time
  • CLIENTS WHO ARE MINORS – we are still treating minors for routine care – as is protocol, minors under the age of 16yrs are required to have an adult present within them for the duration of the consultation and treatment – due to density quotient protocols, we request you stipulate this with sufficient notice so as to advise the other businesses so as not to exceed the density quotient for the building
  • CLIENTS AGED 65YRS AND OVER – we are permitted to return to routine care – if you have any questions, concerns or specific requirements, we ask that you advise us with as much notice as possible
  • VULNERABLE CLIENTS – we are permitted to return to routine care – we advise that if you have any diagnosed medical conditions (acute or chronic) or require assistance with dressing / grooming, we recommend that you assess the safety risk prior to booking an appointment – we can only assess the health and safety of clients of Lotus Natural Therapies and not any other person/s entering the clinic premises (this is applied without discrimination)
  • VULNERABLE CLIENTS – if the client requires assistance with dressing / grooming we ask that once the client is lying on the table that you leave the building and then return 5mins prior to treatment finishing (we ask that you wait in your car till the door is unlocked for you to re-enter and assist the client)(this is applied without discrimination)

All the aforementioned and detailed requirements and protocols which are non-negotiable.  If you need to discuss any detail prior to your booked appointment, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We are living in strange times and I understand that some persons may have questions, concerns or even anxiety.  These are all normal reactions and emotions so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

  • density quotient – for the clinic premises at any one time is ‘3 persons’
  • QR code – a daily client log is to be kept for persons entering the clinic premises will be indoors (enclosed space) for greater than 15mins.  This daily log becomes a list of all persons who have entered the premises on a particular day and time and is required by DHHS to be used for contact tracing in the event of a suspected case or an outbreak in the clinic premises