Has a history dating back to 2500 BC.  It involves a TGA approved and registered hand made candle sitting in a specially designed cone that is placed into the ear canal.  The flame creates a vacuum to help draw out excess ear wax, fluid, fungus, mucous and dust.  A completely pain free treatment and is extremely relaxing.

  • excessive wax build up
  • stimulate the immune system
  • nose and throat congestion
  • sinusitis and allergy suffers
  • headaches & migraines
  • tinnitus
  • vertigo
  • reduce pressure build up around eyes, nose and ears
  • beneficial in helping to clear the head before and after flying

Ear candling is not recommended if you have any of the following:

  • recent ear surgery
  • recently inserted ear drains (grommets)
  • tumour of the ear
  • burst eardrum – upon consultation with your doctor, can proceed with treatment once the eardrum has healed over
  • congenital hearing loss – upon consultation with your ear specialist, consent can be obtained for treatment to proceed
  • ear infections – upon consultation with your doctor, can proceed with treatment once cleared

Please check with your health fund to discuss your eligibility for rebates payable. Claiming for ear candling treatments cannot be processed via HICAPS.  A receipt is emailed to you at the time of consultation to take direct to your health fund for any rebates payable.

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ear candling

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